Are Temu Pilates Socks Worth It? Here's Our Review

temu socks review

Temu Pilates socks have gained popularity, offering features that promise to enhance grip and performance during workouts. But are they truly a cut above the rest? In We explore whether Temu's Pilates socks stand up to the test in practical use, examining their quality, durability, and value for money against other market offerings, including our own range of grip socks.

    Design and Materials

    In our Temu Pilates socks review, we’ve identified several key issues spanning material quality, design features, and brand reputation that may impact your decision to purchase.

    Material and Fabric Quality

    Upon examination, we found the material of the Temu Pilates socks disappointing. The fabric blend, which lacks the typical high cotton content expected for moisture absorption and breathability, may lead to discomfort and sweat retention during workouts. This could result in a less hygienic experience and a potential increase in odour. Most product also do not specify the exact material composition.

    Design and Features

    The design of these socks falls short of what we consider essential for Pilates. Specifically, a full foot grip pattern and reliable traction on surfaces, crucial for stability and balance on the mat, (or reformer) seems sparse and ineffective compared to leading brands such as our crew and low-rise grip socks. Without a reliable grip, there's a safety concern as it increases the risk of slipping.

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    Performance Evaluation

    When assessing the value of Temu Pilates socks, we focus on three key performance metrics: grip and stability, comfort and fit, and durability. Each plays a vital role in the overall performance of the socks during Pilates workouts.

    Grip and Stability

    Temu Pilates socks are typically designed with rubberised patterns or dots on the soles to enhance grip. We've noticed that these grips are subpar in their grip on studio floors, minimising the risk of slipping and allowing for more secure and confident movement sequences. However, they are of poor quality and after several washes the grip traction starts to deteriorate rapidly. 

    We also note that most Pilates and yoga socks on Temu do not have full grips on the sole of the feet.

    Comfort and Fit

    We've found that most of the crew-length Temu Pilates socks provided a snug fit without constricting movement. The material blend often includes elastic fibres that conform to the contours of the feet. However, some of the low-rise or ankle-length socks didn't stay put without bunching up or twisting certain Pilates movements.


    Our examination of durability focuses on the socks' ability to withstand repeated use and washing. Temu Pilates socks are generally made with materials that balance elasticity with toughness. However, as is often the case with textile products, the durability can vary depending on the care taken during washing and drying—following manufacturer guidelines usually prolongs their lifespan.

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    Temu Pilates Sock Alternatives

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