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in the end, quality matters, and ALVY's non-slip gripping socks are built to last while also performing well.

- The Canberra Times



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The grip spots are so good and never slip. I love then, no regrets.

Chloe S.

These are great for reformer Pialtes. I feel super secure wearing them.


These Pilates socks are flawless! The quality is top-notch, and the fabric is so comfortable.


Great socks. Comfy, they don't slip and feel secure. Never buying cheap pilates socks again.


Good functional socks for my weekly Pilates practice

Laura M.

I love these socks. Have very strong grips and are super comfortable to wear. Colours goes well with most of my active outfits too.

How Our Non-Slip Socks Stack Up


Kmart Best Seller  Alternative 1 Amazon Australia Best Seller Alternative 2 Temu Best Seller Alternative 3
Full sole grip coverage Yes No Yes Yes
Additional toe and heel support Yes No No No
Moisture absorbing fabric Yes No Yes No
Full ribbing and stretch cuff Yes No No No
360 arch compression support Yes Yes No No

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