Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks Review: Worth Your Money?

gaiam grip sock review

So we decided to purchase a competitor grip sock, the Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks, to have a closer inspection of its quality, materials, and performance. We give our honest feedback in this review so you can make an informed decision. 

Bottom line

Overall, we found the Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks might be lacking for those who are serious about mat or reformer Pilates. They offer minimal floor traction, don't have additional support at the toes or heels, and thickness of the sock itself raises questions on its durability after multiple workouts and in the wash. For serious fitness enthusiast, we would recommend a pair of our non-slip socks which have been purpose-engineered to meet the demands mat and reformer Pilates.

On the flipside, they are quite affordable and can be easily picked up from Amazon, Target, and Kmart stores. 

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What do their customers say?

Here are some recent reviews we found from the Kmart online store:

Definitely was hoping these wouldn’t be too bad but the material is thin compared to another brand I’ve worn and the overall fit is too small. They barely stay around my foot.

The quality of these socks are abysmal. Wore them maybe 4-5 times before the straps began unraveling even though I hand-washed and air dried them. I also am a size 6 and they still slipped around my feet? The only plus is that they’re lightweight but that’s probably because the material is so cheap.

Lightweight and grips perfectly for Pilates

Simple comfortable just not sure it will last long.

The grips

In comparison to our grip socks, we felt the Gaiam socks lacked the adhesive quality we've come to expect. They seemed prone to wearing down with frequent use and washing, raising concerns about their long-term durability. Additionally, the sole coverage wasn't comprehensive, leaving noticeable gaps that could affect stability during use. While they do work as intended and provide traction, this remains questionable over time.

Fit and comfort

The universal sizing might not be perfect for everyone. If you have particularly small or large feet, you might not get that 'tailored' fit. For our team members with particularly petite feet, the fit wasn't as snug, leading to some discomfort. Meanwhile, those with larger feet found them to be a snug, comfortable fit. Customer reviews on Amazon, Kmart, and Target reflect similar concerns with the fit.


Quality is one aspect we have put a lot of emphasis into with our grip socks so they provide maximum grip and traction on the floor, mat, or reformer machine. As for Gaiam's grip socks, the quality felt lacking from the grips on the sole to the material of the sock itself. Many customers including ourself have noticed the material is very thin. 

Although the grip is sufficient, the material is so thin. I can see my toe polish shine through. 

Design and Material

While thin material can be beneficial for the warmer weather, the socks will not last the rigours of Pilates and yoga routines that can place a lot of wear and tear on the heels and toes. The ALVY range of grip socks have double-layered the material in this areas for example.

Moreover, for hygiene-conscious Pilates and yogis, the socks didn't really allow our feet to breathe and reduce sweat build up in between the toes. In contrast, all of the ALVY grip socks are made with moisture-absorbing fabric to keep your feet dry and cool. 

However, we must say the design is quite thoughtful. Their open-toe construction gives a sense of connection with the surface, providing that much-needed tactile feedback for balance during a variety of exercises.

Gaiam Grip Sock Alternatives

At alvy, we believe our range of nonslip socks for Pilates, yoga, and barre are a better choice. Explore some of our best-sellers and fan-favourites and below.

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