We Tested K-Mart's Pilates Socks: Here's What We Think

kmart pilates socks review

Pilates enthusiasts are often on the quest for Pilates socks that blend comfort, grip and style, leading them to consider various brands, including Kmart's range of Pilates socks (which are priced very well we must admit). But how does the performance of Kmart Pilates socks, their grip, material quality, and overall value really stack up and are they worth buying compared to our ALVY crew grip socks and low-rise non-slip socks?

Key Takeaways

  • Kmart Pilates socks provide reasonable comfort but without any grip, they're not practical for serious Pilates enthusiast for mat and reformer.
  • They are at an affordable price but the longevity is questionable.
  • Customer feedback indicates a positive consensus on the price but concerns with quality (too thin).

Our Review of Kmart's Pilates Socks

In our evaluation, we focused on key elements that stand out in the Kmart Pilates socks range, including fabrication quality, design variety, and overall value for money.

Materials and Fabrication

The material of the Pilates socks from Kmart is a blend of cotton, polyester and elastane, making them stretchable and lightweight. It could not be confirmed the percentage of cotton in the sock. The material is quite thin so they may wear out quickly on the heels and toes.

Design and Style Options

We noticed an array of styles ranging from crew length to low-rise or ankle length designs. There are various colours and patterns, catering to a broad customer preference which is good. However, the aesthetic variety does not compromise the socks’ functionality in Pilates practice.

kmart pilates socks

Grip and Stability

Perhaps the biggest drawback of Kmart's Pilates socks is the fact they don't come with silicon or PVC grips on the soles. There are significant benefits of wearing Pilates grip socks such as enhanced traction on the floor (or reformer). If you've done a reformer class recently without Pilates socks with grip, you would have realised its can be tricky to maintain a solid grip and stable footing on the mat. In short, Kmart's socks for Pilates score poorly for grip and stability.

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Comfort and Fit

Our team's experience with the fit of the Kmart Pilates socks was positive. They conform well to different foot shapes, and the elastic bands didn’t dig into the skin, ensuring comfort throughout the sessions. Some of their range do come with arch support like our ALVY grip socks which provides additional padding on the heel. There is also ribbing to provide a good fit.

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Wear and Tear Evaluation

After multiple wash cycles, the socks retained their shape, grip, and elasticity. Visible signs of wear were minimal, suggesting they can withstand regular Pilates workouts without major deterioration.

Price Comparison

When comparing the prices of Pilates socks available at Kmart to specialty retailers such as ALVY, we found them to be very competitively priced, often more affordable by a significant margin. However, as mentioned, they don't come with grips on the sole which is the reason for this and therefore cannot be compared on a like-for-like basis.

Longevity versus Cost

Considering their lower price point, the wear resistance observed signals that Kmart's Pilates socks are a cost-effective choice for enthusiasts looking to blend functionality with budget-friendliness. However, for those who are serious about their Pilates workout and want to improve their performance, the lack of grip on the sole will be a set back with these socks, which is similar feedback to Big W's yoga socks we've reviewed.

Consumer Feedback and Reviews

In evaluating whether Kmart Pilates socks are worth the purchase, we've taken a close look at what consumers are saying. The feedback largely revolves around the value they offer for the price. But there are some criticisms such as 

  • Durability, where a few customers find they wear out faster than expected.
  • Inconsistent sizing across different pairs, leading to an unreliable fit.
  • Limited range of styles, which leaves some wanting more variety to choose from.

Kmart Sock Alternatives

At alvy, we believe our range of nonslip socks for Pilates, yoga, and barre are a better choice. Explore some of our fan-favourites and best-sellers below.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Kmart Pilates socks designed differently for men and women?

    Kmart appears to have Pilates socks for men and women,, with designs that typically accommodate the general size and styling preferences of each gender. Our range includes options that ensure a secure and comfortable fit for any shopper.

    Can Pilates socks from Kmart be used for other types of exercise?

    They appear versatile enough for various types of exercises, including yoga, barre, and dance classes. However, without a non-slip design for stability across a wide range of activities, they are not recommended for serious Pilates enthusiast for safety.

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