Target Grip Socks Review: Are They Worth It?

target pilates socks review

Target is a great place to shop for affordable and value-for-money items such as clothing and other domestic products. They offer a small range of non-slip socks that are mostly intended for home use.

We tested Target’s range of grip socks for 30 days and compared them to our ALVY crew grip socks to see how they fared. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The grips on Target non-slip socks are sparse and spread out, meaning that stability is not ideal. 
  • Comfort and value for money are pros, but long-term longevity is questionable.
  • Their range of grip socks is minimal and marketed towards women only.
  • Target also sell Gaiam grip socks but we also don't recommend.

Our Take on Grip Socks from Target 

Target non-slip socks are worth the money if you plan on using them in the home for warmth, stability, and comfort. Apart from that, their use cases are limited, and they are not suitable for activities such as Pilates. The best grip socks for Pilates should be purpose-designed for maximum grip, comfort, and foot support such as our grip socks.

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What are they made out of?

Stretchable and lightweight, the Pilates socks from Target are made of a blend of acrylic, polyester, and elastane. There is no cotton at all, which could be a deterrent for people who prefer it. Despite this, they do feel amazingly soft and cushiony due to their super brushed fabric. Since they have a TOG rating of 2.3, they are five times warmer than cotton socks. 

In terms of thickness, they are noticeably thicker than grip socks from Kmart and are not ideal for Pilates since their breathability is questionable. Having said that, they aren’t designed for Pilates in the first place - they are thermal socks for use in the home.

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Choices for style and design 

Disappointingly, Target doesn’t offer a lot of designs in their grip sock range, and the different types can be counted on one hand. Luckily, there is at least a crew-length sock, with the rest being ankle-length visions. 

But at least their designs are cheerful and bright, with colour schemes ranging from pastels to more striking arrangements.

Moreover, we didn’t find any socks with more masculine colour schemes, so guys wanting to do Pilates will need to look elsewhere for men's Pilates socks.

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Not as stable as one would like

Similar to the Big W Pilates socks we've looked at, the grip socks from Target don’t have a lot of silicon or PVC grips on their soles. Because the grips are spaced out, it does feel like your foot is slipping just a tiny bit at times.

If you plan on doing Pilates then Target socks won’t do since you need a sure footing on the reformer. Slipping is the last thing you want to do. 

Even if you weren’t planning on doing Pilates and were thinking of non-slip socks for the home, the grips on Target socks won’t provide you with a great deal of confidence. For what it’s worth - just buy better socks.

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They are comfortable

One of the pluses of Target’s grip socks is their comfort. The fabric feels great on the skin and will fit a wide range of foot shapes and sizes.

However, that’s where the benefits end. There is no extra cushioning for the heel, nor is there any arch support.

Wear and tear

The shape, suppleness, and grip of the socks held up well even after several washing cycles. There were not many obvious signs of wear, which suggests they can last for a decent amount of time.   

Price comparison

Target non-slip socks are priced at $10, irrespective of the size or design, which is very competitive with what you can find in the Australian market. However, for some of the points already raised, it is a situation of “what you pay is what you get”.

Cost versus longevity

For home use in the colder months, non-slip socks from Target exude value for money. After long-term use, you can expect them to start to deteriorate and increasingly become looser, given their low price point.

What Customers Have Said

We've carefully examined customer reviews to determine whether Target grip socks are worthwhile purchases. The value they provide for the money is the main topic of discussion in the reviews. However, negative feedback largely revolved around the lack of design choices and their long-term durability.

Target Pilates Sock Alternatives

At alvy, we believe our range of nonslip socks for Pilates, yoga, and barre are a better choice. Explore some of our best-sellers and fan-favourites and below.

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