5 Best Pilates Reformer Machines In Australia For 2024

best pilates machine australia

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to Pilates reformer machines in Australia. However, not all are the same in design, construction, or aesthetics.

Here is a shortlist of the most popular Pilates reformers to consider for the home.

  1. Align-Pilates F3 Folding Pilates Reformer - Overall best Pilates reformer machine
  2. Rebel Sports Celsius PR1 Pilates Reformer - Best for value for money
  3. ARKANTOS Foldable Pilates Reformer - Popular pick on Amazon
  4. Orbit Fitness NJH1 Reformer - Most-studio-like reformer
  5. Lifespan Fitness Contour Pro Studio Reformer - Commercial-grade build

Why We Picked These Pilates Reformer Machines

These are our picks of our favourite Pilates reformer machines to suit every budget and style.

1. Align-Pilates F3 Folding Pilates Reformer

Overall best Pilates reformer machine

If you want Pilates workouts in your home but lack storage space, the F3 from Align-Pilates is the perfect choice. 

With its design resembling those seen in Pilates studios, it is adaptable enough to accommodate avariety of Pilates exercises, meeting a range of fitness levels and objectives. This is due to its adjustable resistance and varied foot bar configurations which feels comfortable with a pair of our Pilates nonslip socks

It's ideal for usage at home because of its simple setup and foldable shape, especially if you want convenience without compromising functionality.

The reformer's improved carriage design allows for a smooth and enjoyable experience as it moves along the aluminium runners.

The F3's carriage has a travel distance of 97 cm and is suitable for people between 145cm and 193cm (and up to 120kg). While this will cater to almost anyone, its design does not allow a platform extender to be fitted.

In terms of resistance, the F3 is equipped with four nickel-plated music wire springs (two heavy, one medium, and one light) to offer a range of resistance levels. Although this will be enough for most, we would like to see three strong springs for people who want a challenge on leg exercises. But the foot bar has four positions, so that aspect is flexible.

align-pilates f3 reformer

The F3 when folded. Picture credit Align Pilates.

Apart from its premium quality, the other major selling point of the F3 is that it collapses into a compact, self-contained unit in minutes. The wheels on the base allow you to stow it away and out of sight conveniently.


  • Highly portable and easy to store when not in use. 
  • The double loop handles' metal-free couplings means it is quiet to use.
  • Strong frame and premium springs. 
  • 5-year warranty (home use).


  • A platform extender can’t be fitted due to its design. 
  • Although portable, it’s heavy at 50kg.

2. Rebel Sports Celsius PR1 Pilates Reformer

Best value for money

The Celsius PR1's design prioritises comfort and convenience. 

Its three-position footbar and headrest adjust to accommodate various exercise preferences with all sorts of Pilates accessories for a more difficult workout. Still, it’s not as flexible as the F3 reformer from Align-Pilates which has four footbar settings.

However, what it lacks in foot bar settings, it makes up for by having more string tensions. Equipped with two heavy, two medium, and one light spring, the Celsius PR1 gives you more resistance options. This is incredibly useful if you are a beginner trying to perfect form over tension or an advanced looking for a challenge.

rebel sports reformer

The Ccelsius PR1 from Rebel Sports.

Like the Align-Pilates F3, the Celsius PR1 has a space-saving design that can be folded in half for easy storage - a key requirement for people who work out at home. 

While the padded headrests are comfortable, they aren’t contoured like premium reformer machines. This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker though, as the machine is very nice to use. For instance, the carriage smoothly glides through the rails without an annoying metallic sound. 

Priced at $1,699 from Rebel Sports, it has all the features you could want in a starter Pilates reformer machine. It’s good value for what you get, and even more so if you can get it on sale. 


  • An easy folding mechanism. 
  • Five springs with three different tensions. 
  • Great price point that spells value for money.
  • Smooth operation.


  • A stand is not included and is a separate purchase. 

3. ARKANTOS Foldable Pilates Reformer

Popular pick on Amazon

The ARKANTOS Foldable Pilates Reformer is a sturdy, adjustable Pilates reformer perfect for anybody looking for a more substantial workout. 

Its steel and aluminium frame ensures stability when you need it and the sweat and scratch-resistant leather is breathable and comfortable. Five resistance springs can be adjusted to give you plenty of options for different routines. 

arkantos foldable pilates reformer
Picture credit: Amazon.

The reformer's folding shape and included wheels make space management a breeze. It can be moved and stored easily when not in use.

The Arkantos is particularly ideal for shorter people. The carriage and its travel distance are slightly smaller than others. 

Despite its strengths being its portability and strength for a more basic unit, you might find the shoulder pads to be uncomfortable given their circular design. Of course, this depends on the user but the leather itself feels amazing to lie on.


  • Sturdy construction with a durable steel chassis and aluminium frame.
  • Five springs for tension flexibility.
  • Foldable design with built-in wheels.


  • You need to assemble it yourself.
  • Slightly more expensive than other reformers.

4. Orbit Fitness NJH1 Reformer

Most-studio-like reformer

Made of solid German beech wood, the NHJ1 from Orbit Fitness serves a practical purpose and lends style to your home gym setting. 

The NJH1 is unique in combining fine craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. From the foot bar to the headrest, adjustable options let you get the Pilates workout you need. For example, you can adjust the straps, headrest and footbar, just like the reformers in a studio setting.

orbit fitness nhj1 reformer

The NHJ1 is all its glory. Picture credit Orbit Fitness.

The NHJ1 is a bit different from other reformers in terms of springs and their tensions. Instead of having two or three heavy springs, the NHJ1 only comes with one heavy, two medium, and two light springs. But if you need a good toning workout on your legs where heavy tension is needed, simply put all the springs on and use the jump board.

Like the other reformer machines on this list, the NHJ1 can be folded and stowed away. But at 65kg, this will be more challenging. 


  • Outstanding aesthetic appeal.
  • Great tension capabilities.
  • Silent operation.
  • Various payment options.


  • Weighs 65kg. 

5. Lifespan Fitness Contour Pro Studio Reformer

Commercial-grade build

The Lifespan Fitness Contour Pro Studio Reformer is built with durability in mind, featuring commercial-grade construction. If you want a challenge, you’ll get one with this reformer. Its high-quality spring system ensures powerful resistance, making your workouts both challenging and effective.

contour pro reformer machine
Picture credit: Lifespan.
One of its best qualities is its quiet and smooth wheels, which allow you to work out without bothering those around you - or annoying yourself.

It has six different footbar settings so you can tailor different positions and stretches to how you feel on any given day. The double-looped straps are also adjustable.

The machine's weight can be a drawback as it can be challenging to move, so it’s best to place it in a permanent location in the home. It also takes up a good deal of room, which could be problematic if your space is smaller.

If you're looking for a reliable and versatile reformer for your home gym or studio, the Contour Pro Studio Reformer could be a sensible investment.


  • Robust design that’s appropriate for all levels.
  • Adaptable, including six foot bar positions
  • Comes with a foot strap.


  • Heavy to move at 68 kilograms.
  • Takes up significant space
  • A bit more expensive than others on this list.

Having Your Own Pilates Reformer Machine At Home Has Its Benefits: Here's Why

It’s more convenient

You can work out whenever it works into your schedule without having to go to a studio if you have a Pilates reformer at home. For people with hectic schedules, this convenience is especially helpful. You don’t need to spend time driving to the studio or finding out that the time slot you want is already booked out. It's even better if you're subscribed to a Pilates app to workout from the comfort of your own home.

There are cost savings in the long-term

Purchasing a Pilates reformer may seem like a big initial commitment, and it is, but you can end up saving money in the long term. Paying for weekly Pilates studio lessons in Australia is expensive, so depending on how often you want to do Pilates, having your own reformer at home might make more financial sense. 

More privacy 

Working out at home offers a degree of seclusion and comfort that could motivate you to stick to a regular exercise schedule. You don't have to worry about being watched or distracted when working out in your own area.

What To Look For In Your Next Pilates Reformer Machine

The reformer machine is the perfect Pilates equipment for the home. But look for those built for studios as they are the cream of the crop. However, ones designed for home use won’t have all the features. Here are the features you should look for. 

  • Durability and quality - Stability and robust construction are sought after in terms of the quality of the product and also for workouts. It should be strong enough to hold your weight without flexing or wobbling while in use.
  • Folding abilities - Let’s face it, reformer machines take up a lot of space, and we don’t have a studio in our homes to store them. If you are short on room, you can go for folding reformers if the folded proportions fit into your storage space.
  • Flexibility - If the Pilates reformer doesn’t have the adjustability you need, don’t buy it. One of the key facets of Pilates is the ability to set different spring tensions, strap lengths, and footrest heights to accommodate different exercises and your body.
  • Silent and efficient functioning - The reformer's carriage should smoothly glide over the tracks or rails. Smooth surfaces and high-quality bearings help create a sensation of fluid movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top-rated Pilates reformer machines for home use in Australia?

The Align-Pilates C2 Pro, AeroPilates Pro XP 557, and Stott Pilates SPX reformer are some of the best home Pilates reformer machines available in Australia. These devices receive accolades for their well-made construction, usefulness, and fit for at-home exercise regimens.

How do Pilates reformers for beginners differ from those for advanced users?

Simpler designs and more guided exercises are characteristics of beginner reformers, which add added stability and support. More advanced users may choose reformers with more adjustable settings, more tension, and more accessories to handle more difficult resistance exercises and intricate routines.

Can you find second-hand Pilates reformers for sale in Australia, and are they worth considering?

Yes, online marketplaces, specialty exercise equipment businesses, and private sales are good venues to find used Pilates reformers for sale in Australia. If they are well-maintained, show little signs of wear and tear, and are produced by respected brands, they can be worthwhile to take into account.

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